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Performances by Bad Bruises


Bad Bruises, the twisted minds behind The House of Red Doors will present a series of secret surprises for you to lose your inhibitions and tantalize your senses. 

Follow the White Rabbit through the twisting tunnels and winding warrens of the castle. Jump down the rabbit hole and enter a surreal wonderland. Welcome to the secret Mad Hatters Tea Party & the Queens of Hearts Private Boudoir – Expect bizarre and beautiful performances to blow your mind…

“We're all mad here”
Keep your eyes open for the white rabbit as they will lead you to secret locations and brand-new experiences.

“Off with your heads” '


Utopia Castle Festival 2018

You are invited to bring your soul in vacation with us at Utopia Castle Festival 2018 : four days of celebration, wellness and nurture in the enchanted setting of the Utopia Castle.

Fresh and lush buffets, inspiring intallations, four dancefloors, magical rooms, soft beds, massages and interactive performances… Feel welcome to enjoy the aboundance of Utopia Land and abandone yourself to the mystic energy of a wonderful Castle.. somewhere … in the middle of nowhere…

Explore with us the huge salons of  the Castle, its infinite rooms, stairs and secret passages.

The lights will charm your senses and sound will activate every cell of your body.

Accommodation + Health

The Utopia Castle offers plenty of possibilities to accommodate. There are countless Double rooms, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8 Beds Rooms plus a breathtaking Suite. Each room is ensuite ( wc, shower/bathtube) and has all the comforts that you need.

Rooms can be shared, exchanged and we never lock our doors at Utopia, so we wish everybody to settle in in harmony and respecting the others as it spontaneusly happened last year.

The price is equal for everyone.


We expect from ourselves and all our Guests full respect torwards the history of the Castle. This location is not a public square where you can just throw your smoked cigaretts on the floor. Please take care of your own enviroment and rooms, keep clean as you can and please avoid to waste water.

Take care of each other and cooperate to keep the harmony and the place magical as it is.

In case you like to take photos, please keep in mind to respect the privacy of other guests.

Any form of sexism or racism will imply  the immediate expulsion form Utopia (.. in the middle of nowhere… ).

If you need any help, We will be there for you as a family would do !!


The Utopia Castle builds upon the enthusiastic effort aimed at reconstruction of the countryside estate comprised of a large XIX century manor house and its adjacent structures with some dating back to the Middle Ages. It is located in the town of Nowhere, in the Land of Fredoom, the seedbed of, once dominant and still influencial intellectual movement in the philosophy, the arts, and the culture.

Since 1995, the project has been unfolding through initial private investment as well as through recurring revenues from activities, events and arrangements such as festivals, conferences, forums, seminars and workshops. The castle is often rented in its entirety or in part for film and other production.


Bus & Train

Utopia Castle Festival 2018 takes over a wonderful castle near the city of Halle. There will be a Bus-Shuttle from Berlin Ostbahnhof to the Castle on Friday and back to Berlin Ostbahnhof on Monday after the end of the Event. We recommend this option for our guests (cheapest and shortest). You can buy the bus tickets togherter with the event ticket for a cost of 30 €

People arriving by train in Halle can take our shuttle from Halle Haupbahnhof to the Castle and back. The shuttle can be paid separatley direct on location.

The departure times will be comunicated to the Tickets owners with Email.

See you at the Castle!!!“

By Car

You can also come with you car, but we don’t recommend this option because there will not be a dedicated parking lot on location.

The adress of location will be comunicated to the ticket owner’s with an Email 1 week before the event starts.

Please don’t share the adress with anyone that doen’t have a ticket, to avoid problem on location!

See you at the Castle!


Normal Ticket - Food & Beverage

Utopia Castle Festival is a All-Inklusive-Festival. In the price included are three days of party, three nights in a comfortable bed, five meals and drinks for 80 Euros.



(5 meals)


Basic-Ticket 1: Three nights from Friday to Monday.



Basic-Ticket 2: Two nights from Saturday to Monday.



Basic-Ticket 3: Sunday 12pm to Monday.



Feel free to contact us more informations to the festival and the location.